GILSON, Pipetman Neo® P10N, 1-10uL


Diperbaharui : 1 Juli 2018

PIPETMAN Neo is an evolution of the original PIPETMAN Classic that addresses the growing susceptibility of pipette users to repetitive strain injuries, offering up to 50% reduction of pipetting forces. Features newly engineered springs help battle susceptibility to RSI by reducing pipetting forces up to 50%. The handle is made of PVDF, a highly-resistant material that limits the hand-warming effect and is resistant to aggressive chemicals. The Color-Coded Push-Button allows for ease of identification of different models and corresponding Gilson PIPETMAN Tips; great for GLP labs. PIPETMAN Neo’s piston offers a stainless steel piston and 100% grease-free system to avoid contamination. The stainless steel tip ejector resists corrosion, and the unique tip holder design allows for a secure fit of most brands of tips, so theres no need for a dedicated tip brand.

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GILSON, Pipetman Neo® P10N, 1-10µL Micropipette (Mikropipet)

  • Catalog Number : F144562
  • Capacity : 1-10µL
  • Range1-10µL
  • Type Regular, Air Displacement
  • Volume: 1-10µL