MEMMERT, Incubator, Model : IN55 / IN55P / IF55 / IF55P

MEMMERT IN55 IF55MEMMERT, Incubator, Model : IN55 (53 Liters)

( Natural air circulation (Convection) / singleDISPLAY )
Ventilation and Control

natural convection
adjustment of pre-heated fresh air admixture by air flap control in 10% steps
vent connection with restrictor flap
adaptive multifunctional digital PID-microprocessor controller with high-definition TFT-colour display
self-diagnostics for fault analysis
1 Pt100 sensor DIN class A in 4-wire-circuit
digital timer adjustable from 1 minute to 99 days, 23 hours

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Digital Precision Balance. Timbangan digital presisi tinggi 0,01 g dengan harga ekonomis. Cocok untuk keperluan laboratorium pendidikan, Lab QC maupun laboratorium lapangan.

Timbangan Acis AD-i Series

Second Generation Digital Precision Balance

ACIS Digital Balance Model AD-i Series

  • ACIS AD-300i (300g x 0.01g) harga Rp 3.000.000.-
  • ACIS AD-600i (600g x 0.01g) harga Rp 3.300.000,-
  • ACIS AD-3000i (3000g x 0.1g) harga Rp 3.000.000,-
  • ACIS AD-6000i (6000g x 0.1g) harga Rp 3.300.000,-

Harga berlaku 1 Januari 2016, Harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan.


Large Digital LCD Display with auto backlight
Easy to read weighing value, with 20mm high LCD Display and automatic backlight

Large Stainless steel weighing pan
Provide large space to put the weighing material with 170 x 190 mm weighing pan (AD-3000i & AD-6000i)

One touch calibration
Calibrate the scale with just one touch of calibration key

Multiple weighing Unit
g, oz, lb, dwt, ozt,ct, tl.T, tl.H, tlJ, GN, dr, MM, ToLA, gsm, TAR and TMR weighing unit

Counting Function
Count quantity of goods in a second

Plastic wind shield (AD-300i & AD-600i)
Eliminate wind and other environmental disturbance during weighing process

Standard RS-232 interface
Send data to PC or Printer is easy by RS-232 communication interface

Ajustable foot and level bubble
Maintain scale platform in level position for accurate weighing

Easy to operate and move
Power by 6 regular (AA) batteries or AC/DC 12 volt adapter

Indonesian metrological directorate Approval
Approve to legally use in Indonesia by Indonesian trade ministry


Model Number
Capacity 300g 600g 3000g 6000g
Division 0.1g 0.1g 0.1g 0.1g
Pan Size Ø 120 x 135mm Ø 190 x 160mm
Weighing Unit g, oz, lb, dwt, ozt, ct, tl.T, tl.H, tl.J, GN, dr, MM, ToLA, gsm, TAR & TMR
Standard Accescories AC/DC Adapter, Manual Book
Net/Gross weight 2100 / 2800g
Package Standard Carton: 365 x 260 x 165(cm3)
4 units in one box: 38 x 54 x 34(cm3)
Operating Temperature 0-40οC (32-104οF)
Power Source 6 x AA Size Batteries or AC/DC adapter

Download Brosur AD-i Series

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Digital Pocket Scale/Timbangan Saku DigitalTimbangan digital saku

Portable, dengan ketelitian tinggi sampai dengan 0,01 g.
Sesuai untuk aplikasi petugas sampling/monitoring di lapangan
di bidang makanan/farmasi, dan penjual barang berharga/jewelry Model MA-100A Kapasitas 100 g ketelitian 0,01 g.

MA-100A harga Rp 440.000

Harga franko Yogyakarta. Berlaku 1 Januari 2016


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OPTILAB Kamera Mikroskop tipe Upgrade Advance

Berikut ini deskripsi Kamera mikroskop Optilab Upgrade Advance :

  • High quality CMOS color image sensor
  • Pencuplikan (Video) @ 1280 x 1024
  • Pencuplikan (foto) @ 2560 x 2048
  • Daya konsumsi: <400mA @5V (USB)
  • USB 2.0
  • Automatic/Manual Whiteness Balance
  • Automatic/manual Exposure
  • internal lens 0.5x
  • eyepiece tube adapter 30 mm diameter.

Computer Minimum Requirement (USB connection) :
CPU class 4, minimum dualcore
Harddisk space 150MB
Windows 7/8, 32/64bit

Software Imaging

Optilab Viewer dan Optilab Image Raster

Spesifications :

  • Video Streaming :  real time digital video viewing with frame rate up to 30 frame per second (fps) Video Mode RGB24(8bit)
  • Image Capture (still capture) : resolution 2560 x 2048 (5 MPix). Serial image capture capable.
  • Video Record : unlimited video recording (depend on hardisk capacity) on resolution to 1280 x 1024 (AVI format file).
  • Object Dimension : object lateral demension measurement.
  • Scale Stamp : Showing capture scale.
  • Image Signer : Make and write image signs.
  • Manual Count : Counting selected objects.

OS  Software compatibility : Windows 7 or 8

HARGA Camera Optilab Advance Rp 6.000.000 , Silahkan hubungi kami untuk mendapatkan harga khusus diskon 15% (Net Rp 5.100.000,-) bagi reseller/pembelian lebih dari 1 unit.

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Perubahan Harga

Pelangan dan pengunjung yang terhormat…

Selamat tahun baru 2017, semoga berkah Allah terlimpah pada kita semua. Kami memohon maaf bahwa belum semua harga produk yang tertayang di web site dapat di update, oleh karena keterbatasan kami untuk selalu menyesuaikan semua harga produk yang tertayang. Oleh karenanya untuk harga yang tertayang sebelum 1 Januari 2017 belum tentu masih berlaku, dan harap konfirmasi kepada kami via email klik di sini atau WA ke 0816681096 jika akan order.

Salam & terimakasih



Thermo Spectronic Spectro photometer, Spectronic GENESYS 10 S UV – Vis Scanning

genesys-10.jpgThermo Spectronic UV-Visible Spectro photometer, Spectronic GENESYS 10 S UV – Vis Scanning

Harga Rp 84.300.000 Diskon 10% Netto Rp 75.870.000,- tidak termasuk PPN franko Yogyakarta, berlaku 1 Agustus 2016. Harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu.

Download brosur klik genesys10s.



Spectronic GENESYS 10 UV-Vis Scanning
Part Number 335906 Series
Spectral bandwith 5 nm
Optical Design Split-beam, garating-based, dual detectors
Range           190 – 1100 nm
Accuracy      ± 1.0 nm
Repeatability ± 0.5 nm
Lamp Source (typical service life) : Xenon (5 years)
Display 320 x 240 pixel backlit LCD, 3.8″ x 2.8″
Range :  -0.1 – 3.0 A; 0.3 – 125%T; ± 9999 C
Readout : Absorbance, Transmittance, Concentration
Accuracy : 0.5% or 0.005 A, whichever is greater, up to 2 A
Noise : < 1 mA at 0 A; < 2 mA at 2 A, peak-to-peak at 340 nm
Drift :  < 1 mA/hour
Stray light : < 0.1%T at 220, 340, and 400 nm
Data interface : Bi-directional RS232C (text only); parallel output in HP PCL format (text and graphics)
Cell Holder : 1-position or automatic 6-position Cell Holder
Keyboard : Membrane keypad
Software :
Same as Spectronic GENESYS 10 UV-Vis but with full-range scanning
Standard Curve
Absorbance Ratio
Absorbance Difference
Survey Scan (100 nm increments)
3-Point Net
Performance Validation
Scanning Speed: 200 – 1000 nm/min
Sampling Interval: 1, 2, 3, 5 nm
Cell Correction
SmartStart™ Program
Test Storage : Up to 80 sets of test parameters
Languages Software, printouts and operator’s manual:
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian (user selectable)
Internal Printer (optional)  : 40-column internal graphics
Analog Output : Not available
Power Requirements : Selected automatically; 100 – 240 Volts
Dimensions : 300 W x 400 D x 250 H mm (11.8″ x 15.7″ x 9.8″)
Weight : 8.6 kg (19 lb.)
Warranty : 1 year

Applications :

• Water and wastewater
• Food and beverages
• Inorganics
• Quality control of chemicals
• Life science


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Microscope, XSZ 107 BN

Microscope XSZ 107 BN

Specification :

Objective:4x,10x,40x(s) ,100x(s,oil)
wide field plane-scope
XSZ-107BN biological Microscope:
45mm DIN achromatic objective:4x,10x,40x(s) ,100x(s,oil)
wide field plane-scope eyepiece:WF10X,WF16X;
Total magnification:40x-1600x direct/ 107x-2680x from camera;
interpupillary distance:55-75mm;45°inclined,360°rotatable;
double layer mechanical stage:142mmx132mm,moving range X-Y:75x50mm;
dia2-30mm iris diaphragm and dia32 filter; Abbe condensor :N.A. 1.25 ;
Coaxial coarse and fine focusing adjustable mechanism:25mm,precision:0.002mm;
Ilumination Halogen Lamp 220V/ 6V20W.

Harga untuk XSZ 107 BN merek NOVEL Rp 4.900.000,- Net Rp 4.400.000 (indent Impor 2-3 bulan)

Harga untuk XSZ 107 BN-B merek Zhanjing : Rp 4.000.000,- Net Rp 3.750.000

Harga untuk XSZ 107 BN merek YAZUMI : Rp 3.900.000,- Net Rp 3.700.000

Harga berlaku per 1 September 2017

METTLER TOLEDO, Moisture Meter Balance, HE-53


Harga 2551 USD, Harga diskon 10% net 2296 USD. Harga reseller “call us”. Harga termasuk PPN, franko Yogyakarta.

Harga berlaku 5 Januari 2017

Spesifikasi :

Kapasitas timbangan 54 g
Daya baca timbangan 0, 001 g

Daya baca moisture 0, 01 %
Switch off automatic
Drying program : standar & rapid
Rentang suhu: 50 -160 Der. C.
Heating : Halogen

Download brosur klik di sini

See HE-53 video on Youtube

LUTRON, Anemometer / Humidity / Light / Thermometer, Model : LM-8000

LUTRON LM-8000LUTRON, Anemometer, Humidity meter
Light Meter, Type K Thermometer
Model : LM-8000 A

Harga Rp 3.000.000,- Harga diskon 10%, tidak termasuk PPN franko Yogyakarta, berlaku 1 Oktober  2017. Harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu.

Harga tidak termasuk external temperature probe/sensor TP 07. Harga probe Rp 900.000,-


specifications :

  • Humidity : 10 to 95 %RH,oC/oF
  • Anemometer : 0.4 to 30.0 m/s.
  • Anemometer unit : m/s, km/h, MPH, knots, ft/min, oC/oF.
  • Light : 0 to 20,000 Lux, 0 to 1,680 Ft-cd, auto range.
  • Type K Thermometer : -100 to 1300 oC, oC/oF.
  • Data hold, Record (Max., Min.)
  • Tiny bone shape with light weight and small size.


Download brosur klik di sini

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BIOBASE, Vertical LAF, Model : BBS-V1300

BIOBASE BBS-V1300BIOBASE, Vertical LAF, Model : BBS-V1300

Harga Rp 65.500.000, franko Yogyakarta, tidak termasuk PPN

Harga berlaku 1 April 2015, tidak mengikat sewaktu-waktu bisa berubah, menyesuaikan kurs.

specifications :

  • External Size(W*D*H) : 1310*750*2000mm
  • Internal Size(W*D*H) : 1200*645*610mm
  • Work Surface Height : 720mm
  • Display : LCD Display,with air flow display and real time
  • Airflow Velocity : Average of 0.3~0.5m/s
  • Material : Main Body: Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating
  • : Work Table:304stainless steel
  • : Side and Front Windows:5mm toughened glass, anti-ultraviolet radiation
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